Best Infusion Sets for 7 year old

I would like to ask you all for advice on what infusion sets I should consider for my 7 year old. We are 90% sure we are going to purchase the OneTouch Ping. My doctor is telling us we need to be using what they call the comfort Infusion which is a 30 degree angle set that you manually put in. My daughter would rather get the 6mm one that goes in at 90 degree and has a insertion device. Any thoughts? Also, would a metal cannula be better?

One last question, we will be traveling to the beach in a few weeks…should we wait or is the pump easy to deal with on the beach with all the sand etc…

Thanks for replys

Well I think metal cannulas are better, but I seem to be allergic to teflon :slight_smile: They have the advantage of being almost impossible to kink, and with a second sticky site for the disconnect they have a “built in” safety loop so they’re much harder to accidentally pull out.

I would let her try the 6mm insets unless she really doesn’t have enough body fat. You’ll know if they aren’t going to work because they’ll keep kinking, but they really should be fine. Second to that I would suggest the Inset 30 over the comfort… it’s basically the same set, but with an inserter, and the angled sets are very intimidating to insert by hand, and they can look quite scary as well.

Second the Inset 30, I’m slim and that’s the set I will be using when I start on May 9th, I’ve already done a demo with it and had no issues. My cgm insert demo though was a 90% insert and was painful fairly often, so I never considered a 90% insert when ordering my pump supplies.