Lessons learned


I’m new to this board and I want to share some lessons I’ve learned about diabetes.

I’m a 53 year old male and I have had type 2 for approximately 15 years. I gave up sugar a long time ago… I have eaten more fat and protein. My resistance has continued to increase and I was recently rediaged as… well… not a type 2 anymore. I now have an insulin pump and my insulin/ carb ratio is 1/4.5.

10 years ago I started having what I then thought was a related problem, during intense laughter I would get dizzy and loose muscle tone. It was a little scary, but after about 5 years of this mess I figured it was just my sugar level… probably low at the event… or maybe my blood pressure was low.

This effect continued to get worse over the years. I decided to have a sleep study done. I discussed with the doctor my symtems and it was speculated the I had Narcolepsy and a complication called cataplexy. YouTube it… remember the small goats ?

On October 21st 2018 I had a stoke, my ct scan reviled it had not been my first. It also showed substantial “plauqe” build up in my brain blood vessels. Over all this time my “episodes” have been mini strokes. Things look very bad for me.

The point I’m trying to make brothers and sisters is Diabetes is a systematic disease. Don’t think your ok simply based on BG value or A1C. Technology is such today that I would sincerely recommend whole body MRIs. As for the debate on saturated fats… one shoe doesn’t fit ALL. Moderation and balance is all ways the best policy. Eat equil carbs, fat and protein Get a pump, it makes life a lot better ! Keep a record of the insulin you use and moderate it by fixing ( via exercise ) you resistance. Insulin is a ■■■■ poor solution to the real problem. Talk to your doctor… be honest about EVERYTHING!

I am retiring soon from my dream job as a network engineer. I pray I will get disability before I get to room temperature. I have hung up my car keys.
I hope this help others.

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Good advice Jethro731.

Thanks :slight_smile:

One thing I forgot to add…

I’ve gained 50 pounds since I received my pump. Aprox 3 months ago. Resistance is converting all my BG to fat. I have had to completely change my diet. I eat very little, and everything has little or no saturated fat… or carbs… yeah mostly almonds and fish heads. That’s life. I am thankful. Nevertheless I live in a “Box”. I am fortunate my wife is a nurse.

Most people ( newbys, type 2 ) accept insulin. Indeed, BG is all important, but in early stages it is far better to pay the “price”… Talk to the employer and get accommodations that allow you to perform any alternate means to gain control. Your “efficiency ” at work isn’t about today, it’s about tomorrow. Go for short walks, your job will wait. During my first 10 years of this disease none of my doctors offered to help with this employer/employee understanding… I had to solicit them. Don’t be shy! Get you doctor involved.

Don’t worry or care about “Billy bob” that reports on you when do a proactive, resistance lowering exercise. If your boss is good he will tell Billy bob to can it.

While intensity and complications vary with Diabetes, the only known “delay” to high resistance and possible beta cell degradation is exercise and weight loss. If your employer can’t understand this it is time to get a new job.

Of course these statements are from my personal perspective.

Well, I must say I feel better ! Its a nice crisp day in Virginia… think I will go find my metal detector.

Accented your short walks by wearing leg waits and or a back packs.

Ive gone thru the gauntlet with my employer. I have no bad will for the ignorance I encountered… I see it only as diabetes 101 for them. Generally people understand.