Let's see what everyone else is doin at this time

I am at work and sipin a diet coke
what ya doin???

Setting in my recliner watching Dancing with the Stars. Pretty uneventful evening. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

I’m sitting here at home in the recliner…on Tudiabetes… sipping a glass of wine!

taking my daughter out for chinese and getting ready to watch dancing with the star’s

catching up on my admin duties here at TuD, actually!
I’m sitting on the loveseat with one of the cats because hubby and his pekingese are taking up the whole couch…

I am watching dancing with stars…looking at TU Diabetes,cuddled with my 2 weenie dogs,checking my BS and taking my Lantus.

I’m taking a break from work, working the night shift in CT.

I just got home from dance. Gonna change my set site soon, and head to bed. I’ve got an 8 am class in the morning!

watching Ace of Cakes and wishing I could eat cake without insulin

Our Kids dropped in for supper and overnight so we’ve also had a Good chat and some laughs. I just did the dishes and then cleaned the bunny’s cage so she’s set up for the night. My music headphones are hanging around my neck so I can easedrop on my Son and Hubby’s conversation in the kitchen. I noticed some pm’s and comments on my page when I checked my mail so I came on to answer some. I’m also typing things in Word that I need to get done tomorrow and Thursday
before I leave for the week-end sometime Friday. I’m also trying to decide when I can see Charity. I noticed that my Daughter dosed off on the couch beside me(so I’m thinking that she probably won’t make it upstairs to her bedroom). I have a game of chess going in another window. I think that’s it.

LOL Melissa. :smiley:

Hi There John. I hope you are Well :o)

Wow, you guys have been busy. I have been folding laundry since dinner and listening to the argument about whether I should make a cake or brownies for my one doctor for tomorrow. I have also been on the phone a lot tonight to ask for prayers for my kidney doc. He is having brain surgery on Wednesday next week for a cancerous tumor. They are going to debulk the tumor and try to get as much of it as possible. He talks to me about the tumor and I have let him know that I ask everyone for prayers for him. I think he is Hindu, but the religion doesn’t matter to him, just the caring does. The tumor sits in a spot in his brain where he may lose his ability to communuicate or reason after the surgery so this is a big leap of faith to get the surgery done. His name is Gavinni if anyone would like to keep him in your prayers. After i go through my e-mail I will clean up my kitchen and get out the things for whomever won the decision for what i should bake in the morning. Tonight before bed I just want another hot bath… Thanks everyone.

Sure will say a prayer for him. That has got to be scary. Not knowing what might happen if you have surgery, not knowing what might happen if you don’t have surgery. Scary stuff.

Studying for Chem and Accounting exams in the morning and eating a Taco Bell Chalupa… shame on me!

Currently watching the Biggest Loser but will soon be switching over to Dancing with the Stars. i’m dealing with a problem where i’m having pain along side my ribs and back, whenever i take in a deep breath. Xray was normal, now waiting on a call back from the doc to see what i have to do next. it sucks.

Crap … did I miss Dancing With The Stars?? I got home from work at 10pm… had to go back out and get cat food and FIND gas so I can make it to my Dr. appt tomorrow! (We’ve had a gas shortage here for about 2 weeks!!) I found 1 station still open wiith a limit of 10 gal (whew) so at 12am I just finished eating my supper (sigh) now on my couch just chillin out~

It is 7:40 am Wednesday morning in Riyadh.Yesterday it was Saudi National Day with lots of joyful celebration but I stayed home watching TV and then started night prayers,we are still fasting the month of Ramadan.I feel peaceful right now.We have a week holiday.

wow thanks alot everyone ,it was nice to see so many people are out there and watching,listening and doing what ever they are doing.
Thanks again it was just so nice to talk meet and share!!!

Being a big chicken and not watching the Minnesota Twins vs the WhiteSox. It’s too nerve-wracking. About every half hour I check on the web for the score.

I’m at work having toast and tea and downloading pictures on my facebook account…oh yeah and surfing TuD…work? what work?

Posting on here at work when I should be doing work… booooring… oo I need breakfast… hmmm… later!