What are you doing RIGHT NOW!

Drinking Diet Cherry Coke (Thx Christina), munching on Almonds and BAKED lays chips…

Am Watching you…What are you doing?

I am participating in a bi-weekly conference call and drinking some Joe.

Little fix…You are WRITING to me… ;o)

Is this your Joe ? ;o)

gotta love that diet cherry coke! =] I’m drinking one too lol and playing Tripeaks on the computer

Typing a message to this forum. Drinking Diet Coke, thinking about have breakfast. And playing Mahjong Titans in the background. Very exciting morning. Oh Yeah, trying to figure out something better to do…

Being soooo excited …I am involved with the Canadian Diabetes Association Diabetes Summer Surge fundraiser and am profiled as their " Featured Fundraiser " this week …if I only knew , how to put it " here" …alternatively please visit diabetessummersurge.ca and that should get you " there" …dear Hubby on my right in the pix.

Way to go Nel! Click HERE to read more.

Kristin THX, I was gonna do that and more, by starting a party for her!! But you were faster than me! :o/

Kristen and Al …what am I doing right now ?? crying from happiness …your help is most appreciated …so good too be here on TU …and Manny’s postcards will be made available at the bash . Al , let’s party , NOW :slight_smile:

Great going Nel. :slight_smile:

I just sent off an email. I am listening to music and playing Atomica.

I am replying to this thread.

In between washing, rinsing and spinning laundry…sucks, sigh.
Reading local news on net.

My allergies driving me crazy, I toke the medicine but now am still suffering!

Waiting for noon to come = leaving for lunch and the day!

I am reading tudiabetes forums at work, taking a break, & eating S&P pork rinds

i am trying to figure out why i keep getting these darn headaches

Drink coffee…I am

So, too, am I!

Just replied to Mike’s scavenger hunt…Ummm, I meant Book Game. :smiley: …and listening to music and having a cold glass of water.