Happy New Year!

To all my friends at tudiabetes.com, I want to wish you a safe and prosperous new year. May 2009 be more that you hoped for!

Kids are coming over this evening, so we’ll be snacking and watching other folks out on the town! I don’t think I’ve been out on NYE for 3 or 4 years now. Guess I should get a girlfriend so I’d have someone to go with. LOL, I haven’t been out with a woman that wasn’t a member of my immediate family for I don’t know how long. Maybe I should make that a resolution? Hmmm… find supermodel who is into middle-aged guys with potbellies and no money. Think my sights are set a little high? Maybe I should concentrate on finding one who’s last name is not JPG or MPG? I dunno, dem womenz iz da troublez

My pumping has finally started to stabilize, I have a lot more confidence in it than I did a month ago, so hopefully the new year will bring me a lower average and A1c. Today is my 2 month pumping anniversary BTW, better buy my pump a gift for putting up with all my crap.

Well anyways, Happy 2009!!


Happy New Year to you, too! Have a great night! Happy 2 month pump anniversary =)

Hey There Scott: :slight_smile:

I hope that your evening turns out Better than you expect. You know, most People don’t go out on New Years Eve anyways. Best Wishes to you for a Fresh start. Have a Terrific New Year’s 2009. :slight_smile:

Hi Scott!
Happy News to you and everyone else!
Mandatory going out may not be the fun it is cracked up to be. I worked in a job where I worked on new years for twenty-three years straight. We called it amateur night because we witnessed a lot people over indulged and got in trouble. May be hanging out with a few close friends and family ,without special obligations to make it the most memorable night ever, pretty much guaranty a hassle free 12am and no hangover experience.

Glad everyone had a good time, we just hung out here, watched some movies and the ball drop. Had a little sparkling grape and cheered the new year. It was relaxing and no worry about crazy drunks!