Let's Talk "Occlusion"

So I got the protective barrier wipes and they actually seem to help. There’s def less redness and the bump at the injection is way smaller and doesn’t itch and hurt. But randomly, in the middle of the night (I thought it was my alarm clock) my pod starting ringing at me. When I checked it said “occlusion”. So, half asleep, I changed it out. The cannula wasn’t kinked, I had no irritation and my BG levels were fine. What did it mean? Why was it doing this? You think it was just a pod malfunction or what? I always get way more info from you people (the one’s dealing with it everyday) than I do from the docs so…help?

I use to have that happen, but knock on wood, it has not done it in a while. At first I thought it was a pod problem, but then it seems that wherever the cannula is, how can I explain it, it can come in contact with scar tissue, you could have moved and caused it to move, etc, and right away it says occlusion. If I have my pod on the left side of my body, at night I sleep on the right. If I am at work and have it on my back, just below my pant line, and not sitting straight, it does it. I probably did not explain this well, sorry, but maybe it will give you some ideas.

no. it is good to know that it can be something as simple as placement, scar tissue, etc. i really want to stay on the pod b/c my BG levels have gotten so much better. but i fear that this might be more trouble than its worth. i’ll keep with it though. thanks!

It’s possible that you just had pressure on the pod that kinked the canula enough to stop the flow. If it happens again try to relieve it by pulling the pump gently away in whatever direction the pod aims at it. Don’t know what way that is since I use the other kind, with a hose between the pump and canula.
Point being that it should be possible to just pull it slightly back so the canula can straighten out. Prove it b pumping in enough to make up for the amount not pumped. If it goes in well you’ve cleared it.

I forgot to mention in the last post: You understand that that alarm is ONLY for OCCLUSIONAL USE?

thanks, theodore! oh and your very punny!