Who is on Levimer? Do you have any trouble?
I have recently been changed to this, and I have had loads of problems. Just wondered if anyone else has?

I am on Levemir 20 Units nightly. I occasionally get stinging when I inject but… What kind of problems are you having???

I feel like I am not taking it, as in sugars rising. I keep having to do correction doses with my rapid.

I used to be on Lantis, 30 units each night. Then got changed to this. Then was told to split the dose, so now I take 20 units at night and 20 in morning, but it feels like it has been ineffective.

I am on Novolog premeal
2 units pre breakfast
5 units pre lunch
5 units pre dinner
20 units Levemir before bed it did take some time for them to get the dosage right. I have heard that it its not a 1 to 1 comparison from lantus to levemir. My father in law was on it briefly and did not like it. It has worked for me but again… everyone is different.