Licking Your Fingers. Well . . . do you?

After! I hate getting my clothes bloodstained!

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It’s not the possiblity of disinfectant that makes me lick after, it was hearing about this, the natural pain-killing properties of saliva… perhaps it is mind over matter, but my pricks do not hurt later if I give them a good licking while I wait for the meter. YMMV.

Glad to help, Judith. I was at your members page just yesterday looking at your beautiful dance photos.

Yes, I lick after testing… Your blood so why not!..

I always thought saliva helps the clotting… but now I think about it, I don’t cannot attribute that to any written or credible source.

I’m a licker.

I’m proud to be a finger licker. It’s my blood and i’m gonna lick it.

I be a licker most of the time

I definitely lick my finger after testing. At the doctors office one time, the nurse said it could cause an infection and was unsanitary. I shrugged and have kept going ever since. lol

Heck no, I’d never lick my fingers. I am one of those people kind of grossed out by the thought of everyone out there doing it.

YES! I have for 16yrs! Only after testing,not before. I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer.

I know for a fact testing after eating apples increases BS’s

now licking after, Yep. I do it.

rick phillips

Rick, good point about the apples…I find anything I have handled increases bs reading and some “scented” soaps will as well.

Post prick lickers = 21
Neverlickers (aka 'Ew! Gross!) = 5

Yes, I lick my finger. Haha

I do, usually after. It’s easier and quicker.

Guilty, another post licker here. Always wash hands before.

Guilty!. Wash before and stick my finger in my mouth while waiting for results. I read somewhere that alcohol swabs dry the skin out, so may cause problems.

Never have. I just have a tissue in my diabetes bag and use that to blot after testing. Never thought of licking and really after all these years of blotting with a tissue I probably never will😊

No, do not lick. I keep a tissue in meter case and replace it when it gets too many blood spots on it. Licking blood= yuck though I tried it after seeing this thread. I don’t need to do that as long as I have the handy tissue.

I’m a licker :smile: :sunny: