Where does the blood drop go after the test strip?

Taking a poll, after you test, how do you get rid of the excess blood??

If you mean the blood still on my finger, I wipe it off with an alcohol swab. But I usually wait until I am sure I have a valid test, i.e. no error. If you wipe with alcohol and then find you need more blood to run another test you cannot use the same spot because the alcohol will cause the red blood cells to lyse and your test will not be valid.

I just lick my finger clean and press it against my thumb for a few seconds to make sure the bleeding is stopped. I’ve never had a problem, infection or any other bad outcome from doing it this way! Of course I do wash my hands with soap before I test.

Im a licker… ew huh

Ummmmmmmmmm lick it off.

ok, so I am not the only odd/gross one that pops it in/to the mouth/tongue, then wips it off with other fingers, I just test so much, its easier that way when on the go its now so natural automatic now …diabetic vampires…haha j/k but yea I’ll admit sometimes it don’t taste so good not that ever does most time don’t even notice

Im a licker, it’s soo much easier.

sooo funny, I told my husband a few weeks ago after testing and putting my finger in my mouth that " this must be the reason I’ve always been obsessed with vampires, I am one "

Hi Joy,
I am a licker.

I take the strip out and use it as a kinda squigey thingy:) to scrape the blood from my finger…and then throw the strip away. I used to wipe it on anything in my general proximity…like marking my territory!

a simple answer from me : tissue paper most of the time ; if NOT available: finger lick :wink:

I just keep a tissue with my meter (I use it for my finger as well as to wrap up the used strip) and keep using it until I finish the bottle of strips, about every 3-4 days. Meanwhile, I keep the tissue and used strips in the little pocket of the thingy that holds my meter, and then when the bottle is empty I just smoosh all the used strips and the tissue in the empty strip bottle to throw away.

I’m mildly OCD so no mess plus throwing away a neat little package like that seems to make me oddly happy :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so glad to find out that I’m not the only weird one that licks it off… It’s just far more convenient (spelling?)

definitely a licker

We took a poll here once about who’s a licker and who is not. I think the lickers came out in a majority by 2 to 1.

Mine goes on my blood pad:

This is a tissue that I keep in my meter case. It really grosses most people out, which I find funny.

Just on a regular cotton ball here with a bit of alcohol…

I use the paper towel that I dried my hands with, I bleed well so I just squeeze it between my thumb and which ever finger was the victim. If I spring a leak after I throw the towel away, then I lick.

Real diabetics lick!! :wink:

Grossed ME out. Yech.