Life improvement, day one


first, following up on friday… mom ran in the race and got 3rd place in her age group! WOO HOO! and she was the 49th person to finish overall. she was quite excited. i made her bite it because in high school when we won a state championship, our couch made all of us bite the award. she said we were all a part of it so we needed to leave our mark . obviously this award was a little nicer so it didn’t leave a mark.

last night we went bowling. i’m not that great usually, but last night i surprised everyone. suddenly my bowling skills are impressive! I even WON a game!!! WOO HOO!
we left early though, my throat has been hurting. …ALLERGIES, ugh. that’s what happens when you live in the ohio valley.

blood sugar: 107 before late breakfast (yes i slept late, it might as well have been lunch).
84 before a late afternoon snack.

i didn’t go out and do formal exercising, but i have been running around the house cleaning, doing laundry, etc. and i have worked up a sweat! and i took about 3 trips to the dumpster with trash. late spring cleaning!

my boyfriend and i were invited to a friend’s house to cook out and play some cornhole this evening. that should be fun!

tomorrow i plan on walking after work. gotta remember to bring the ipod and headphones home from work!