Milestone day

Since Dave and I quit smoking again we have really been trying to focus on exercising more. As I got to excitedly exclaim on facebook last nite, I have been aiming for walking a 20 minute mile, last nite I did 1 mile… two time and the first mile was 18:30! I felt so good that we immediately did another mile. I didnt hold out any hope I could do the 2nd one in 20 as I was starting to hurt lol I didnt do the mile in 20, I did it 18:35!! only 5 seconds longer than the first one. It may not mean anything to anyone but Dave and I, but me and exercising have not worked with exercise and to be able to do this and NOT have a hypo was awesome.

But…thats not the milestone I’m talking about. For the first time since I was diagnosed 1 year 5 months and 13 days ago, my morning fasting BS was under 126.

What an awesome day this is gonna be!!!