Tomorrow I want to improve my control by

Time for a little public accountability. What’s one thing you vow to do tomorrow to take control of your diabetes? The tudiabetes community will cheer you on.

… putting in 30 minutes on the elliptical machine in my basement before I eat breakfast.
Have been “too busy” for exercise lately. Really I just hate to exercise. But my blood sugars like it!

Tomorrow I will improve my control by…
Walking outside for my lunch… 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back while I eat my small portable lunch.And walk again a bit after work or after dinner .Try an curb my appitite a bit by making better choices when eating snacks and use portion control when I eat meals.

go Craig!
GO Craig!!
GO CRAIG!! :o)

make better food choices, and not give in to the cravings for the sweets.

Test my BGs more than i do. And watch what i eat.

When I make those kind of big vows, it’s so hard to keep them!

What’s one specific thing you will do to avoid giving into the craving for sweets? Throw away the candy bar that’s hidden in your drawer? (I’ve got one hidden in my drawer, too.) Avoid the vending machine? “Accidentally” spill your Diet Coke on the bowl of candy sitting on the receptionist’s desk, ruining all those sugar bombs?

Yes, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I had too, 'cause I knew my tudiabetes friends would notice if I didn’t :slight_smile:

Go, Renee. You can do it!

FOOD: Eat less volume/crap, eat more quality. How? Replace evening hot chocolate with a salad…(hopefully)

Cheers, Mike

See above. I did my 30 minutes today. Hooray for me.

Looking forward to the post that says you did, indeed, take a walk …

Give me a C! Give me an R! Give me an A! … we all need a little cheering now and again.

I’m just talking about one day. Got a better than expected a1c this morning, so I feel entitled to make a bad food choice, but so fair I am resisting.

Congrats on the A1C … and I’m sending you powerful brain waves that are saying, “I’m more powerful than any sugar-ladden, fat-soaked, sorry excuse for a food product.”

I am doing fine with the diet, but don’t talk to me about exercise. I HATE IT ! When I do eventually get into it, I think I’m training for a marathon. It’s always all or nothing. Tomorrow I intend to take a short but fast walk on beach, (it’s so cold, and there’s always something better to do), no I’m just lazy. I wish I was at that place where I get restless legs if I do ex., you know the feeling when you start to ex. and really enjoy it. I so need to get stuck into the gardening, at least I love that.

I never seem to get to the point when I start exercising and start to enjoy it.

But I do enjoy having DONE it. So trying to savor that feeling.

Hope you have a great speedy walk on the beach!

Well I’ve already started to get into exercising … worked out 3 times last week. That’s a HUGE accomplishment for me - yay!!! However today I am going to improve my control by really analyzing my sensor results to see what on earth is going on with my bg lately. Instead of just getting a picture, making decisions that will hopefully set things straight.

Thanks Kelly, I enjoy ex. when the sun is shining, on the beach, feeling healthy. Those days are few and far between, I’m usually aching, flushed and wanting it to be over. I will think of you all when I walk the beach, if I am not trying to save myself from hypothermia in the process.

Way to go, Kelly!

You’ve inspired me to take the after dinner walk I keep telling myself I need to do.

Danny and I are holding you to it!

My basement, where I will be doing 30 minutes on the elliptical (for the 2nd day in a row) is really, really cold, I swear.

Great topic!!

I’ve been slacking off (work and going back to school). So starting tomorrow morning, I WILL get up at 1/2 hour early and go for a 30 minute walk before work.

After about 3 weeks of this, I’ll feel like a new woman.