Life stinks! You do everything you can to stay healthy. Use all your energy to stay in range each and every day. What for? What’s the use of doing all this work? Oh, I know what’s the use, it is for life to say oh you are doing ok with all this let’s give you something else to deal with. Getting tired of fighting. Why isn’t the cure here yet?

Life stinks…

Life is better than the alternative... ;-)

We all get that way at times. I really hope that this is a place where u can vent to us and get some understanding out of. Be strong. This too will pass & then it will be something else.

Well, if you don't know now, I'll tell you. Just go to my site and read all the blogs. I guarantee it's going to be an eye-opener. Although I know you will eventually come to realize that this is just a phase for you, just try not to prolong it. God loves you and so do the rest of us.


So sorry you feel that way...I guess there are just some days that are more difficult to deal with "D" than the others. I most certainly understand the frustrations that we encounter some days.
Just a week ago, I got so depressed for having am A1C of 7 from 6.3, 3 months ago. And I thought I was doing good...sigh. Back to the drawing board, I say :) I chose to fight though...because, so far, I have a choice. I have the choice to walk and enjoy nature, to have fun with family, to travel and see places, to try out different things (well,least some of it)...
Yep, I ask that question too...where the heck is a cure yet? I can think of a hundred answers...but for now, all I can do is hope:)
Wish you the best Micah.

It can get tough, that much is for sure. Diabetes especially, no matter how well we try, there will always be problems appearing on the way.

I agree, however, that we need a cure. The JDCA always focuses on highlighting this point, because only a cure can indeed be the answer.

It does stink, and none of us chose it. My husband of 39 yrs turned out to inherited diabetes 2 and was diagnosed around when he was 32. And we know those same genes will be passed on to one or all 3 of our children (which we chose to have before he was dianosed with diabetes 2). We don't choose to think why me/us though. It happens. we go on and are living our lives the best way we know how and to find some kind of enjoyment before one of us dies. Yeah life causes death and nothing we can do about. Greatfull our lives have been pretty decent up to this point. Sometimes we get sick of it all, but we go on.Diabetes really sucks and causes so many complications even when you keep your sugars in control. I am just greatfull my husband can still work and is not needing to go into a nursing home, to me that would be when it really really sucks. Actually we are still pretty happy, and enjoy each other...if you know what I mean.


Yesterday I was in a bad place. Today I’m in a better place. The comments that have been left contributed to me being in a good place. It helps to see that I’m not alone in feeling the toll that D can have on a person.

I'm glad to hear today is better!PS:I like your profile pic - if only it was easy to achieve that all the time. ;)