Lifescan Meter problem; Customer Service not available. What now?

OK, I'm freaking out just a little bit here.

I tested this morning - 67 that's very low for me, so I tested again. 104 what? Tested again 105.

Ok, so the first one was off.

After Lunch - meter says LO. That's it. LO. Test again 138. One more time 141. High for me.

After Dinner - again with the LO. @#$%^& Test again 161. Third test 159. REALLY high.

So, I'm worried about the results, try to call the company.

Go to the website. Call. East coast office hours. They tell me to call the number on the back of the meter. It is the same number under the sentence "24 hour 7 days a week customer service".

Nobody there. So who do I call now? What is wrong?

Keep calling, or just go out and buy a new meter(depending on insurance),until u do reach them. Sometimes meters are weird, there are tons of forums talking about it. Also might want to try control solution, which company might send for free. I think we’ve all done double triple takes on our meters before. Or maybe start a new set of strips?

I think everybody needs at least one back-up meter. I have one at home, and another that stays in my purse, and another back-up in the closet. agree with Domo on the control solution test.

Go to the site on here about FREEBIES. I had difficulties with my “bigger” meter and got one of the mini’s as a backup. It took 2 days to get to me, which is fast in the Dakotas…it works well, and saves the info as well as the regular meter. THEN keep calling, who knows what’s up at CS; but it could be something very easily explained. Tell them what is happening, they’ve always been very helpful with me, and in five minutes if we can’t fix the problem, THEN they send me a new meter FED EX. Don’t give up so easily…and then get the freebie meter. Don’t tell them that you use their meters usually, they want to sell you stuff, so make sure that you use an odd meter on the sheet, and you’ll get it sooner.

Good luck.