Light a candle in the wind

It is 6.39 I have been awake and out of bed for 2 hours smudge woke me up at 2.30 and 4.30 this morning decided she wanted to venture outside in the bitter cold snow and ice,as I knew she was out for less than 5 minutes before scratching the back door to be let in,our back door is glass otherwise she could have her own cat flap and a key,she is now stretched out on the window sill in her favourite place having a whole body warm from the radiator sure wish I was legs feet all 10 little piggies very cold.

Our eldest daughter just phoned to say HELP went to de-ice the car front door shut on me so locked out,this cold weather does strange things to ac persons brain,anyway we have a spare set so My Angel is flapping her golden wings and rushing to her aid our daughters Angel is new at the job so this will be a learning curve for him/her.

The snow froze again last night you need skies or ice skating shoes to even get to the main road,perhaps the Government should issue everyone with a pair of each.

Time for morning medication pills all 10 of them green/blue white/red,orange,nearly have a rainbow full of them to take,

feel so guilty my Angel has to deal with all the crisis she never gets a break,for a man well this man not being able to provide and do the things that need to be done is so belittling, sitting on your bum all day in the house is not what I was made for,do not get me wrong my Angel does a splendid job,well magnificent in my case but I want it to be like it was 50/50 I helped her she helped me,love at first sight does happen it happened to me,but with love comes all the things in life 2 people want to do together a one way street leads nowhere,it has to be a circle so you meet one another going and coming back.

My Angel is rushing to our daughters so she does not freeze the heating in her car broke down yesterday,I should be able to pitch in and help her sort it out,having children who worry if you carry a tea tray you might have another heart attack puts a burden on them that should be mine,each of us is a cog in a big wheel when one of us is sick,desperate,suicidal hungry or cold the blanket of humanity should be there to cover them comfort them and give them hope.

When it is a loved one in need we are sometimes to busy in our own little World to hear their cry for HELP,like a candle burning in the wind,one big gush and it goes out,tablets taken victoza now the insulin at 8am,thanks for stoping bye,best wishes Raymond