As it nears Bedtime

Today has been like many days that have gone before it,felt ok then felt awful had a nasty turn,managed to get upstairs before I fell over,smudge lead the way and came and sat by me on the bed, the nasty turn went away after 20 minuted and I felt as right as rain an old Black Country saying I think by do not quote me on that, took all my medication pills victoza insulin and anti depressant perhaps all that medication just caught up with me,had tea and we are locking up and going to spend the evening upsairs our bedroon is as warm as toast we can watch tv or listen to radio chat and i can tell my Angel all about my day she listens her feathers rustle now and then but I know when she is here everthing will be ok,and if it is not I have an Angel to guide me to a better place.

About 10pm I can take my statin and cramp pill say goodnight my Angel always tucks me and gives me a good night kiss,sweet dream to you all