Thoughts on a cold and frosty Novembers morning

All come all ye faithful, the scene outside with every where covered in frost is real Christmassy just footprints of a cat otherwise you could be forgiven there are thousands of souls living near by, smudge ventured out but within 10 minutes was meowing and scratching the back door to come back in, she now wants petting and feeding in and out of my legs leading me to her cupboard where she knows breakfast is kept, OK smudge what do you fancy this morning chicken in gravy tuna or lamb with vegetables, i am sure smudge sends me messages unspoken but telepathically no that is a word to dread if you cannot spell.

The wife and I were chatting last nigh about our courting days or walking out together days, when you are young and so in love you do not notice the cold, our dream was to have a nice house 25 children a dog and a cat and all live happily together in one bib big house in the country, we could not manage 25 children so settled on 5 we have had cats and dogs we live in a 5 bedroom house and even manage to keep warm most of the time,we do not have to walk along the canal to be alone anymore no parents asking us where we had been and mine telling me to be careful at that time I had no idea what she meant, true love consumes you body and soul.

45 years later that love still remains of I have a strop meaning mood sulk or I am not talking to you sort of thing but the Angel I married takes it all in her stride, she can be bossy making me eat properly saying no to that fresh cream cake the little devil in me wants me to chomp on,that is usually when I have a mood on me until I realise later what the cake would have done to my sugar levels they say a bit of what you fancy does you good but for me like so many others a bit of what you fancy means hours of trying to get your blood sugars down.

So we have ticked the boxes on our wish list in life still a few to go like so money to do our house up more grand children give more to charity another 50 years together just the small things most folks wish for, the big things like get rid of poverty feed everyone and peace on Earth we still have to work on, all possible for when times get bad and for us there have been times like that all you can do is place yourself in the hands of the Almighty and ask humbly for a bit of help and understanding for in my case I can get into trouble very easily often needing no ones help you can be 63 with all those years behind you and still make a right mess at times

Sun slowly melting the frost more footprints so folks skidding and sliding on the frost paths, cars being defrosted engines roaring brakfast waiting smudge stretched out under the wall heater victoza at hand pill chaser to follow it, how I love this life and it might be a nice day after all.

Your Smudge is such a cutie pie. My kitties like to lay in front of heaters too. :slight_smile: