One lump or two Sir

Another sneeze did I hear someone say bless you,have been cold all day long central heating on but it is a coldness that comes straight from your bones if you know what I mean, I managed to take my insulin with my dinner late I know, but better late than never,smudge has not moved all day curled up on my side of the bed as smug as a rug in spring.hobbled outside today and they some bread to the birds must remember to leave them a drink of water in case the conditions get even worse than they are.

Have you noticed your movements get slower the colder you feel,my headache has still not gone,roll on summer windows flung open the smell of apple blossom fresh cut grass picnics and walks in the park, dreaming again but surely please do not call me Shirley so sorry to hear about Leslie Nielson my thoughts and prayers go out to his loved one's and friends of which he must have had a jumbo plane full of them.

Waiting for my Angel to come home lonely being here all day on ones lonesome,too much time to think have to write a story one day about these 4 walls a prison do they make, for that is how I feel some-days, diabetes and heart failure play on your mind not much I hear you say with a brain hat small but they do.

Smudge has come to join me in the back room guess not even a cat can sleep all day, had some dinner now sitting on the window ledge cleaning herself wish I could reach some of the parts she does perhaps when my tyre around my tummy goes down some more,a warm cupa tea should reach the parts some drinks only think they can reach tea bed sleep dream of sunier days or places and that will be Tuesday gone forever well this Tuesday any way