Lilly, Novo Nordisk & Sanofi Aventis Pen users

Hi Everyone, Thanks for adding me to the fourm. First off Im not a diabetic and Im not doing any kind of advertising. I have been commisioned by a company in Ireland to make some instructional videos on the above mentioned pens. I need to get my hands on the following pens, (used and without a needle):
Novo Nordisk
- FlexPen
- NovoPen3
- NovoPen4

- Humalog KwikPen
- HumaPen Luxura

Sanofi Aventis
- Solostar
- ClikSTAR

If anyone can help me that would be brillant.


What kind of video are you doing? Wouldn't the company doing the video be able to get them from the manufacturer?

Before receiving my pump, I used pens for MDI. I was given no training before taking my first shot. I found the instructional videos on both the Sanofi-Aventis and Novo Nordisk websites most helpful.

I don't know why you have been selected to make videos of something that is already quite available.

I have a set but I need a second set for the videos. Its for a product that monitors how long it has been since your last injection. It helps prevent an accidental overdose

Its not of how to use the pens it is of the product that has been made that attaches to the pen. Its a device that detects when an injection has occoured and starts a counter. Then at any time the user can see how long it has been since their last injection, therefore preventing an accidental overdose.

Sound to me like your trying to stir up a little bit of curosity about this product. I'll admit that it does sound interesting but I have doubts about the reason for your request. I have trouble believing that the developer of such a product would not supply you with adaquate pens for your project .

Like I said earlier this product does sound interesting.

Gary S

Gary, forgot what it's called but it was discussed a while ago when it came out. I'll try to find it.

I understand your point but the company is a small startup in Ireland not a big drug company. I was upfront and honest at the start and if you notice I havent mentioned the name of the product or given you a web address. Im solely asking for help. I would not use a serious forum like this to try and gain traffic to a website.

Alan, I may have been to quick to judge and if I was I apologize. We do on rare occasion see snake oil peddlers on this site.

You haven't said how you can be contacted. As you can imagine there are a lot of these pens used up everyday by the good folks that frequent this site. I'm sure some will be willing to donate if they feel it's for a good cause.

Gary S.

Thats not a problem Gary I totally understand.

If someone wants to get in contect with me they can do so through the forum or email me at hughesalanpatrick at

any help would be gratefully appreciated. If you have pens that are not on the list I would still ike to hear from you as Im sure I can pass them on to the company.

Thanks again Gary

Hi to everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the help I was given when making these videos. The site is now live and the company was very happy with them. Im sure the company are still in need of a Novo Nordisk Flexpen 3. I was told that they are available over the counter in any pharmacey in America but here in Ireland there not available anymore. If anyone would be willing to buy one and send it to me I would be more then willing to reimburse your expenses.

Many thanks again