Link for ordering FREE control Solutions for ReliOn Meters

Here is a link to order FREE (with shipping included) control solution for ReliOn Meters (sold at Walmart). Hope this helps someone.

Sorry but I don’t see it. Any advise?

I’m wondering what the value of test solutions is for any meter. Meters are SO cheap currently that having a second one seems like the perfect solution. By testing both meters together on a single large drop of blood, you find out whether either meter is malfunctioning. I think the chances of both meters malfunctioning by the same amount and in the same direction are slim to none. And since you are using your regular test strips, there is nothing to expire and replace.

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Since there is a big range in control solution values, there really is not a great benefit from them. Like if a control solution says it can return a value of 80-120, big deal. That doesn’t help very much.

Your idea of having 2 meters is much better.

But also a vial of strips can go bad if exposed to humidity, so having a different vial of strips also helps to check them.

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