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Judy Back is a new diabetic and has lost her husband to cancer last year. This has and still is a lot for her to handle. She is the sweetest and true friend anyone can ever have. Please add her to yur blog.

Hi - I am your fan and would love to hear from you. Your Blog is so important. When anyone discovers your expertise, they will know that you understand and have walked in their shoes. Also, moms need to have your imformation about children/teen with diabetes.
This is why you have your masters in this field of knowledge. I was NOT so lucky to have someone like you when My little 5 year old was newly diabetic. Back then, they discourage mom’s from talking to other families with children on insulin. I remember crying when I walked into a hugh grocery store for the first time after my daughter had started on insulin. I felt that the food I would be giving her, if not right, could make her very sick.
We have come a long way since then. You have survived all my mistakes and are a trubute to the future.
still have your back - mom