My name is Jodi. Mommy to 3 kiddos. Sarah and Allison are 7 1/2. Jeffrey is 4 1/2
Sarah was dx with Diabetes March 2, 2007. It was the excessive thirst and loss of a lot of the fat on her little body that clued us in something was wrong. She had only lost ~2lbs but for a 7year old, it was enough to see a difference. A quick trip to the pediatrician and a finger prick sent us to the hospital for 5 days. We were told we caught it very very early - which makes me feel a little bit better- thats Mothers intuition for ya!
I think I remained in shock, and in a thick fog for the first few months after that. We have a wonderful team of Drs and RN’s taking care of Sarah. He latest A1c was 6.6 and we are scheduled to train on the Omnipod pump the end of July.
We also had gotten Sarahs sister, Allison tested in April. Part of trialnet research. She came back with 3 positive autoantibodies. She has done the oral glucose tolerance test and that too has come back abnormal. (she tested at 320 after 2 hours with a finger prick). We have been told it is inevitable that Allison will be dx with diabetes too.
I had just started to come out of my fog in May and then this.
Allison is doing fine right now. We do random finger pricks with her every few weeks. Her A1c was 4.9 - so they say there is impaiment and basically, now we wait for the sign and symptoms to begin. Her A1c will be done again the end of August.
My son Jeffrey was just tested this week- also part of trialnet research. I do not think he will have any positive autoantibodies…but then again, I never in a million years thought I would ever have to think about diabetes and live with it.
My husband and I both tested negative for antibodies.
Its nice to be here - looks like a neat site and I already have all these “friends”!!!
Hope to get to know you all.

Wow Jodi, our children are so precious to us, and don’t we feel it when they’ve health issues? A big shock for you both I bet, it would be for any mum or dad. Know how I felt day I was dx…wandered in a daze, didn’t know how to eat. How are things going for you now, how’s everyone coping, is it getting easier? My heart goes to you, as an illness calls to the healer, and I believe a mum’s love is tops! Peace & happiness to you all for Xmas