Linking OneTouch UltraSmart to Minimed Paradigm

I have the Minimed Paradigm and have it linked to my OneTouch UltraLink, Now my endo wants me to use the OneTouch UltraSmart. I like being able to have the BG automatically sync up with the Paradigm. Has anyone successfully linked the UltraSmart to their Paradigm?

No, because it’s not possible. The UltraLink is the ONLY OneTouch meter that has the technology to link with the Paradigm pump.

Sounds like negotiations are in order with your Endo about which meter is best for you. Both meters will store and allow download of blood sugar data. The UltraSmart will also store data about carb intake and exercise, but you have to enter it manually.

There’s a trade-off then between data collection (UltraSmart) and convenience (UltraLink). Get the endo on the phone and work it out. Obviously you’ll give up the automatic BG entry to your pump if you give up the UltraLink. You’ll gather more data if you use the UltraSmart diligently, but you still have to enter the data - which you could do in a log book. Maybe your endo is looking for an easy way to download all the necessary data from the pump in one fell swoop.



Dag nabbit! I was afraid that would be the case. Although I do like the light on the UltraSmart. What’s pushing a couple of extra buttons…Thanks Terry!

Doesn’t your Endo have Carelink Pro sofware? I just went Friday and brought the Ultra link. She said she didn’t need it because all the bg readings were already in the pump. Maybe your Endo doesn’t use it, but I would ask the question anyways. You can get the USB thumb drive for Carelink Personal so you can keep track of your trends yourself between appointments.

I’m backing Dave on this one for sure. I don’t like some Dr. who thinks he/she can tell me what I can or can’t use when it comes to my testing meters. Some Dr.s just don’t get it. I will now shut up before I really shift gears… :slight_smile:

amen Dave. =)

also - like Richard just said, you can use carelink. with the carelink database - the food/bolus/basal/BG’s are all in there. there are reports and trends YOU can use, …and you can show them to your endo if they ask nice.


Anybody know if the Carelink uploads the Ultrasmart’s exercise and data entry? I have a Onetouch Select at the mo but it doesn’t work with Carelink, so I’ll be switching back to my Ultrasmart shortly.