One touch ultra link meter (minimed users)

For those of you who use it, when you upload your pump data to carelink, are all the readings reflected? (even those you don’t bolus for?) I saw my CDE this afternoon and in my rush to leave work I left my logbook there so I didn’t have any readings to go over. In the office, they just installed carelink pro so she downloaded my pump data to review my readings. I told her that it was only less than half my readings since I don’t enter all of them in my pump, only when bolusing for food or correcting. She suggested that I use the ultra link so that way my pump will hold all my readings. Is this true? She even gave me another one to use at work! I’m just hesitant since I love the ultra smart so much :smiley:

I used the BD Paradigm Link with Carelink and yes, it uploads all of your data - not just what was entered into your pump for the Bolus Wizard. So I would assume the One Touch does as well.

When you use the UltraLink all the results are sent to the pump - whether or not you use them (to correct, bolus, etc). So when you download the information from your pump to Carelink it transfers all that information.

So, to answer your question - yes. :slight_smile:

The other way around using the One touch Ultra Link is when you check your blood just make sure you enter the number into your pump like you were going to bolus. If your number was say 100, enter that number and just hit the Act button until it says bolus amount=0.

The reason for doing this at least for me is that I use CGM and I can use the link because every number that gets beamed to the pump is considered a calibration and it will mess up my results. I still like having the values from a finger stick because I am able to compare the difference between the CGM and the finger stick value.