Livongo....The good, the bad, the ugly?


I received a message the other day on my company Email system informing me that they will pay for my membership in this program. That’s nice of them isn’t it? (not being sarcastic)

I have heard of this program before but rejected it because basically put, I don’t like that much attention. I do not want a meter that will report my readings in real time to anyone other than me. That would bring on the unwanted attention that I mentioned.

I believe it is great that they offer this and I am wondering if I have the wrong impression of Livongo. I would like to hear others impressions and experiences. Who knows it may be wrong of me to reject this.

I’d never heard of this program before.

I don’t think I’d want anyone that far up in my business.

I noticed that their website is very sparse on details unless you provide them with an email address and lots of personal information by signing up. Uhm, no thanks!


I do not know about the upload, but i do know that for a very reasonable price per month. If I recall correctly it is around $25.00 per month. I know a few who use it and they love it. It is especially good for folks wiht high co-payments or no insurance.


I have this system. btw the $25 program was an early adopter offer that @askmanny let us know about(no longer available to my knowledge). but this sounds like your company is paying for it. the best thing about it is you get all the strips you need, and they send them to you when you start to run low. I just love seeing on the meter “you’re running low on strips, would you like us to send you more” (or something like that). You don’t have to have the readings reported to anyone actually. you do have the option to have a text sent to your partner if you have a really low or high number (I don’t). you can also set it up to have a Livongo coach contact you if you’re out of range (I don’t). I check my blood a lot, and I use this meter all the time, except when I feel the need for my bolus calculator, like when I’ve been doing corrections and will be eating a meal.

I would take them up on it!

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Full disclosure: I work for Livongo.

@MarieB is right. @Stemwinder_Gary: if your employer is offering this benefit, the program is at no cost to you. Your BG readings get uploaded automatically via a cellular connection to your cloud-based account. You can configure in what circumstances you would like to be contacted by a CDEVre: high or low BGs. By default, it’s set up for automatic calls in the event of BG < 50 or > 400. Personally I have it set up to text me instead. You can disable this altogether if you so prefer.

I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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@Manny would you forward information about this program. I’d like to learn a bit more about it. Thanks.

@askmanny is SVP of member experience for Livongo

(I’m sure you know he is our founder)

@jojeegirl: you can read more about the program here:

Currently, Livongo is only available as a health benefit through Self-Insured Employers, some Health Systems, and Health Plans. Under these three scenarios, typically the program is available at no cost to members (patients who sign up for it). The easiest way to find if you are currently eligible for Livongo, is to contact your HR/Benefits department, to ask about it.

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