Local anchorage ak diabetes support group


I went to my first local diabetes support group today. my friend who is prediabetic and I went. we were hesitant since the meeting was at a local retirement home. "I really hope it isnt a bunch of old people, not to be mean. " my friend said as we walked in. I know what she means I think. the first diabetes class I went to was full of a bunch of overweight people (and I am so not thin, by far but these people were a lot bigger) and they were much much older than me. I felt like and odd ball. today most of the people were older than us, my friend is in her 30's. but they were very helpful and it was great to talk with other diabetics. one elderly woman looked at me and said "but your just a baby. " I smiled I know. I feel aweful to know I have the same desease these older people have. its not like I am a diagnosed child but I'm not old enough to have this. when I told them my Dr doesnt seems to care if I'm T1 or T2 they all said I need to meet with an endocrinologist. we all agreee that there isnt enough information and education about this disease. Drs only tell you "you have diabetes, this is what you need to do and this is what will happen if you dont." they dont give you enough info or dont tell you where to look for it. this is deffinetly a disease you have to be very involeved with. all of these people seem to have done their research. some of them have been living with diabetes for over 30 years. some were T1 some T2 and even some prediabetics. there was no structure to the group since the person leading the group isnt available right now. a couple has taken over (sort of) they just open up by sayding welcome and then we went around the table and told our story. we asked questions and heard other suggustions. I told them all about my yahoo group for local Ak diabetics. on my group I have a link to tudiabetes.com. I hope they all join so we can keep in touch more than just once a month. it would be reat and I already cant wait until the next meeting.

there was a woman there, older woman, she said DIABEETUS!!!! I kid you not she said it over and over again diabeetus diabeetus diabeetus! I thought I was gonna lost it and start cracking up.


You definitely need to get with an endocrinologist. The truth is general doctors are… well, general. And as such, will run into walls and limitations in an attempt to treat you.


I am glad that your meeting went well. My first meeting is Saturday morning. The topic will be: Diabetes (or Diabeetus) and Kidney Disease. Take care.


seriously, endos are kind of like our life savers. i am not a fan of doctors in general, but i’m definitely looking forward to my endo visit next wednesday in the hopes of the promised blood test. i am thinking of getting connected with support group for insulin dependent diabetics in my country. they’ve got special meetings for young people aged between 13-21, and i’m thinking of trying that one out!