LOL Diabetes!

Sometimes you just need to LOL.

I've seen some chatter on the diabetes message boards about our very own Diabetes macros (i.e. pictures with witty captions) and the general sentiment that finding the humor in diabetes makes the burden of the disease itself a bit easier to bear.

I've written extensively about the benefits of being able to laugh at even the darkest of situations. Reader's Digest was right: It's good for the soul.

So we now have our own LOL site - LOL Diabetes! My stupid cat has taken it upon herself to maintain the site (because God knows she refuses to pay rent), with the help of Kahlua (from Rachel's crew of kitties). Feel free to submit your own pictures, stories, or cartoons to Siah at She's working 'round the clock, yet still finding time to take naps on my head.


That’s great- I LOVE the Halle Berry one-lol!!