Long night, now feel awful

I just need someone to talk to at the moment because I do honestly feel like crying everything happening at one time.

Let me explain and you can all give me a slap through the computer and tell me to grow up, ok last night I had my dinner took my insulin as usual all was good then an hour later someone came to visit say hello (period) I was feeling low checked bingo! at exact time I was low sorted my self out made me some tea and had a muffin to go along with it.

Then decided to check again I was 11 point something or other I thought no problem as I will be taking me levemir soon so took it and it went up 15.4 mmol/L (277.2 mg/dl) still thought no worries as I will be going to sleep soon and rather be a bit on the higher side then go hypo went upstairs and started feeling really dizzy got my pillow and lied down on the floor my head was rushing around like crazy as well as tooth ache took painkiller then when I felt like I could move decided to get in bed got all comfortable but my head was like it had water open to it everything was spinning I had never felt anything like it, checked my level again now I was even higher then I started with 17.4 mmol/L (313.2 mg/dl).

What should I do? Take more insulin and go hypo or just go to sleep. Was feeling hot and cold dizzy as hell so decided to phone the NHS direct helpline the lady took my details and so on and so on then told me that my out of service hours Gp would give me a call in up to an hour if I feel worse to call them back and she will put it through as urgent.

Ok then long wait felt like it was hours at this time its 1am tired, dizzy, high just want to go to sleep but I could not how ever hard I tried so I get the call the lady asking me are you so and so living at so and so a known diabetic well hell yes of course, during all this time she had not given me her name.

I explained the situation told her I on novorapid and levemir then she goes on saying on so you take oral medication arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then had to explain all over I am type 1 take insulin injections and blah blah blah and the first thing she said to me was it looks like it’s uncontrolled, I got angry excuse me UNCONTROLLED how bloody dare she, I told her that I am controlled and that I have taken my insulin as well as it being that time of month so I am sure that everyone has some sort of problem when its that time of month even non-diabetics get pain and whatever, I said the reason I called is to get advice on what I should do should I take more insulin and have a hypo later on or just go to sleep, she then went on to say your levels have risen in such a short time (I bloody well know) and I think you should go to the hospital A&E, I was like are you serious I am not waking my parents at nearly 2am to take me to the hospital her comes the second part well your 25years old and I think your old enough to take care of yourself!

Is this lady for real one minute shes saying I am uncontrolled and now I can take care of myself , anyways I went on saying I can take care of myself but do you really think it’s a good idea for a dizzy diabetic to be driving at 2am in the morning? She went on to say my advice would be to go to the hospital and get a full check up seeing as your levels are high and your feeling dizzy.

I was like ok thank you hanged up, told my sister what’s going on waited for a bit checked my bs level and it went down to 15.3 mmol/L (275.4 mg/dl),I never went to the hospital and the dizzy spell went away thank God just read some prayer and quran and went to sleep.

So how do you all feel of the way the lady went on? Am I just being a drama queen?

Well Osob I’m sorry you went through that. I actually can’t relate when it comes to periods being I don’t have one (PCOS). I feel like that lady handle that terribly and I would file a complaint on her. How dare she talk to you like that? and how dare she say you can take care of yourself. It’s not her place to say if you can or can’t for all she know it could be many other factors involved in the reason why you stay with your parents. This summer I’m moving home to stay with my parents and it’s more than “oh I’m diabetic” I have lived on my own since I was 18 so I know I can do it. She just seemed like she had a nasty attitude all the way around. If you don’t want to help people then pick another job! You didn’t tell her to fill out that application she did that on her own. Well I hope you feel better. In my opinion when I get like that I take a little insulin and monitor every 2 hours. Not enough insulin to get hypo. Like may half of my correction. Each person is different and I am not a doctor…(lol my disclosure)

Thank you Jazz,
Thats what I said to my fiancee and he was like calm down but her attitude was awful honestly and she is lucky I was not feeling good because I would have made her eat her words even though I did stick it to her.lol
But thats the think Jazz if I take any sort of correction I always end up hypo and did not want to be chasing one at that time in the morning.
Oh well today is a different day.

No you weren’t being a drama queen! Once in a while, you will come across an arrogant nurse who doesn’t really care or listen properly. When I was in hospital once years ago, a young nurse showed me attitude just because I wanted to be tested because I felt like I was going to have a hypo. I think some people in any profession use their position to have power over others, because they don’t feel powerful. When I was in severe pain and crying, one nurse said to me, oh, it’s not that bad, you are over reacting. I was in so much pain before I had come into the hospital, I was vomiting. When I was feeling better after an injection for the pain, I gave that nurse a piece of my mind, I told her to go back to school and learn how to be a nurse again.
I agree with you, that nurse should have picked another job, but people like her like jobs where they have power over others. Because of nurses like her, I don’t like staying in hospital now. I have heard other people with worse horror stories about what nurses have said & done to them. Luckily most of the time you meet nice nurses. I use to stress about being high and low a lot at one time. Now I don’t stress because I believe stress is very bad for your body. People who don’t have diabetes don’t understand how hard it is to control your blood glucose. If I exercise I have terrible hypos all night long. I hope you can share your feelings with me in the future about what you are going through sometimes.lol x

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