Long time no blog

haven’t posted here in a long time! thought i’d give a little update. I’m on month 4 with the pump, and so far my bloodsugars have been fantastic between 5 and 6 mmol most of the time. The only time i ever have lows usually is when i exercise. My endo has still found something to rag on me about though and claims i exercise “too much” and i’m eating too healthy and should be eating more carbs.

haha ohhh my there’s always something isn’t there.

I’m starting my last year of university in one week so i’m super excited, I have also joined kickboxing classes and accomplish my goal of a 10 k run come Fall.

Awesome that your bloodsugars stay between 5 and 6mmol! Since you’re on month 4 with the pump, did you do your HbA1c at the end of 3 months to assess how you did on the pump?

Wow thats awesome! good luck on your run and be careful! Best of Luck to you!