First A1C on Ping Pump

Hey, I had my first endo appt after starting the pump on 3/11. In spite of some really rocky times in March and early April, my HgbA1C is down to 6.5 from 8.7. I am quite pleased. I believe I can get it down into the fives next time, or that is the goal anyway. Maybe I really can learn to do this.

I really appreciate the support I have gotten here. It has helped build my confidence and put me in a better place.

Congrats! If your Endo is like mine he might not like you to get into the 5%. My Endo says is can be dangerous for a T1. I've been in the 5%s and he gave me that advice.

Kudos! You've obviously done a lot of work, well done.

Party down, excellent!