Looking for a D Support Group (live) for 12/13 year old NYC or Westchester

Does anyone know of a Diabetes Support Group for young teens in the New York City or Westchester County area? 12 year old, soon to be 13 years. She does not want to go to D camp; likes her other summer camp.

Call her doctor and ask if they know of support groups in your area. If they do not call local hospitals and ask if they have a support group or know of one. If not you could always form your own support group. Go to youtube and type in diabetes or diabetics and you will be amazed at how many kids are there with diabetes. She could have a youtube pen pal.

We have a teenage group here at TuDiabetes. Our administrators do a fine job of keeping things PG-13 here. There’s probably a JDRF chapter in Westchester.

Why don’t you check with the JRDF, there is a westchester county chapter. I see they are sponsoring a halloween party at white plains HS on 10/18 for the kids.

Click here to see the Westchester Country JDRF website. They seem to have regular chapter events. Hope that you will be able to find a place for her to connect. Once she turns 13, she can join TuDiabetes. Until then, you can allow her to use your account to connect with other teenagers. We have some great teens in our community that really support each other!

If you email the JDRF chapter email, they might be able to tell you about support groups that are not posted on their website. This was my experience earlier.