Support Groups

I am wanting to get my son who is a 13 year old type one diabetic a support group. We are in Oklahoma. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Contact your local chapter of JDRF and they will direct you!You might also want to inquire about diabetic camps. Many adult type 1's remember fondly going to D camp when they were younger.

Thanks. I’ll look into that

Also check with the ADA and your local hospitals and clinics. They may know of fellow people with type 1 and help you start a group.

I definitely recommend D-camp. It is a blast, kids meet eachother, get to talk and lear, and great friendships can be made.
It is important that kids learn that they are not alone.

Have you thought about searching for a number of online Diabetic sites (like this ones) and then recommending he post or search there? I am an electronic guy and I gain a lot of support through the forums. Probably more so than if I went to a real life group. Having an online support community may be just as helpful as a support group in person.

I'm just wondering where in Oklahoma you are. (I used to live there).

please join this group and ask them too