Looking for an endo in LA

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to start wearing a CGM soon and I'd like to find a good endo in LA that can help me through the process. I used to go to Children's Hospital and that was great, but ever since I left, I've had a lot of trouble finding an endo of that quality. It would be awesome to find someone who is up to date with technology (I had to explain how a pump works to my current endo...) and that will download my pump and look things over. I'd aslo love to have an endo who actually has diabetes, but I know that's a long shot.

Anyway, any thoughts or experience you guys are willing to share would be super helpful!

Can your former Peds Endo provide some names? I would think that would be a great list.

Hi! I love my endo! He is in the valley in Encino. He is very knowledgable about all the diabetic equipment. His name is Arash Nourparvar. I have been with him since diagnosis six years ago. I highly recommend him.