Looking for site suggestions!

Thanks, Dishers! I’ll have to try those spots. Jen, I tried the love handles below my waist for the first time and am enjoying good numbers…virgin territory! I was afraid that the pod would be uncomfortale, but it has been fine while msitting, driving, and sleeping on my back. I have had to dress accordingly (no higher waisted pants,) but I was able to work that out. We were overdue for this discussion since the smaller pods came out, I think.

I have to say this is has been a great thread. BTW my son tired the lower back site is LOVING it. Thank you for all the great suggestions!

Wow, this is so many more suggestions than I anticipated, who knew there was so much available real estate for the pod! :slight_smile: Thanks all for your responses. Hopefully we all find something new.

Hello - My first post on this site … and talking of sites, when you guys talk about placing the pod on the lower back are we talking roughly about in a place which is at the same level as your tummy button, just above the waistline of trousers and behind the hip?
I have been using the Pod for just over a month (on trial after using a Medtronic Veo for 5 years) and found arms a bit of a problem in so far as I have had “Pump Error” twice in those positions. The two I have had more or less in the same place as my Medtronic infusion set (front abdomen about 5 inches from my navel) have been fine.

My 10 year old has never tried the back/buttocks area or thigh...When you speak of the thigh, do you place it on the front, outside, or inside of the thigh? And as far as back/buttocks would he place it under his underwear, or above?

My 12 year old is very lean and likes to put it on his thighs. I guess it would be where his hands would hang down to and a little to the side. His shorts hide it - which I think he perfers. Here is a good site that has a image of possible sites: http://tobesugarfree.com/2012/02/10/pitching-rotation/

We just started putting it on lower back because of this chain and he like this site. We placed it above the shorts on lower back.

When we have done buttocks - we put it under the underwear (below belt line). However this is the place we have most issues with the pod coming out bc he is so active.

Hope this helps.

Just moved to lower back, half way between spine and hip, a couple of inches above waste line. So far so good. Was having cannula insertion pain and duration pain and humalog stinging in abdomen and thigh sites that were probably just getting overused. Thanks all for suggestions.