Looking for some penpals or snail mail friends :)

I am looking for some new friends that share the same problems and interests as me. I have been a diabetic for about 5 years now. I am 20 years old. I love writing letters and getting to know new people. I don't have many friends. I was cybered school most of my life due to diabetes and my thyroid condition. I;ll write to anyone and any age :). I think this is going to be fun. And I can't wait to learn more about my self to. Hopefully I get some responses.

Hello there.my names alan but people call me sulky.im from sandhurst England.just come out of hospital after being diagnosed with what they think is type 1.so I’m new to this diabetic thing.so am looking at these sort of forums so I maybe able to learn more about the condition.

Hello there!!

Would you like to be my penpal? I would love to share my story with you. I also know a lot about being a type 1 and type 2 diabetic. Do they have you on any meds yet?

Yes I’m on insulin .but it’s all new at the moment,have to inject before each meal.but because I’m new doctors are not sure how much I should be taking.im eating healthily.but get abit fed up when I inject then have a good dinner only to see my sugar levels drop.so not sure if I’m getting to much insulin or my dinner was all wrong.

Hmmm. That does sound very frustrating. I am also on insulin. I am two different ones. I am on lantus and I forget the other name. I have to take two shots in the morning and 1 shot in the afternoon and then two shots at night. I am have to go to a diet doctor so they can show me how to plan my meals. What did you eat? And how much insulin did you take? If that happens again you might want to call your doctor and tell them whats going on. My sugars rarely drop. Sadly mine are always high. They are working on getting me a better insulin. I want to go on the pump but they won't let me. Blah lol

I made a casserole with steamed veg,very lean meat no fat at all.as for my insulin I’m on lantus as well.not sure how much I’m taking but my doctors have set my injection at six whatever that means.and I take another injection before bed not sure what that’s called.my sugar levels don’t seem to go to high there pretty much the same except when they drop to low.but seeing as I’m new at this I’m sure I’m not gonna get it spot on all the time.

That sounds really good. I don't think your meals are wrong at all. They sound very healthy. Six? Hmmm maybe its just 6 units. They always start out low. I take 30 units of lantus and 6 of my other one. Yeah its gonna take some time to get use to it all. But hopefully you'll understand it a lot better to. It took me a year to understand most of it. I am still trying to figure things out. My name is Amber. I hope we can become close friends. Please feel free to email me when ever or even comment on here!! So back to that whole penpaling thing. Are you interested in becoming penpals? Its where we both would write letters back and forth to each other and get to know each other better :).

Yes don’t mind having a pen pal.would be nice to have someone to chat to who understands all this.

Cool sounds great! Please email me at Pen_Pals_93@yahoo.com so we can exchange addresses :)

you are all welcome. i can assure you that this. is a great. place to learn more and make. friends. cal l. me Ayo

Yay!!! Please email me at Pen_Pals_93@yahoo.com

What a long time I have been here.