Wanna b friends

Hi Kelly, good to see you here waves. Glad to see you’re onto it, taking your insulin and looking after yourself I mean. It’s a pain in the butt sometimes eh? But heaps easier than not looking after D. Urgh. I’m sure you’ll make friends here - lots of wonderful people around!

wow, been a ong time since i’ve been on here, i couldnt even write properly, still cant but ahh well. :smiley: well abut my diabetes, i dont do injections anymore, i have an animas insulin pump. its so much easier than insulin pumps i can actually control my diabetes unlike when i had the pens, i wouldnt change the pump for anything. being 17 i like to be out all the time and the last thing i want to do when with my friends is do my blood sugar and insulin, with the pump i just put in how many carbs i eat when i eat them and it tells me how much insulin to take, it does it all for me, now i dont wake up thinking of diabetes and i dont go to sleep thinking about it i even used to dream about it, its so much better now i can practically forget about diabetes. :slight_smile:

want anymore info just get in contact… :smiley: Xxxx