Looking for thoughts

During the last two months, my FBS have been running quite high, 140- 210, no apparent answers in anything that I am doing or not doing. In about a month I will have a 72 hr meter attached and that will measure my BG’s for three days at five minute intervals. But inbetween that time and now, I have been taking measurements in the early hours of the AM. My dh goes to work at 4:00 so that is a help. Each morning for the last two weeks, my lowest sugar has been between 3:00 - 5:00 at about 80-130 ---- which is within range of what we want me at. However, three - four hours later at 7 - 8:00 in the AM; they go up as much as 20 points, even though I haven’t eaten or drank anything as yet. My diabetic nurse thinks that possibly my liver kicks in and takes over for while until I get up and get something in my stomach.
Other answers have been, mostly “interesting, we’ll keep an eye on it”.

So now I’ve come to the people who have some knowledge of diabetes and ask you, “Any ideas why I can’t keep it low in the AM until I get up, yet low in the middle of the night?”

It’s not unusual for sugars to rise in the mornings as our bodies “prep” themselves for the day… My sugars tend to go up starting about 5 or 6 am, varies from person to person tho. I have a basal rate increase programmed in my pump for that time

I thought it was something like that, but, with my sugars so varied, I am testing out all ideas. Thanks for the information. IN fact, after exercising today, I took my sugars about 1/2 hour after and they were up in the 200’s…had to think about that one for while. Thanks for your input.

I know the numbers are frustrating, but congratulations for taking the blood glucose tests. You’re collecting a lot of great info that will help you and your healthcare provider adjust insulin to cover higher morning blood sugars caused by hormonal changes in the morning hours.

As Scott notes, it’s easier with an insulin pump because one can program an increase in insulin for the 5-9 a.m. timeframe (or whatever timeframe works best for your body) without having too much insulin on board overnight to cause a 3 a.m. low. It’s a little trickier, but not impossible, on MDI (multiple daily injections).

Kelly, I am not on insulin. I hope never to be on insulin. I am a type 2 that is controlling her diabetes with meds, exercise, diet and pure determination and hard work. I wish there were a way to have us not (except medically)
pre-determine that people are type i’s and have it harder than people with type II. If the good Lord were to give you a choice, type i, type 2 or none----which would you chose. In order for us to gather as a community, and help the people who are working on a cure, or even to eliviate the disease all together, we have to do that word “together”.
Do you know that many people think type I’s have it all going for them. All they have to do is take insulin and plan and eat their meals … no guess work. I know that’s not true, I’ll repeat, I KNOW THAT"S NOT TRUE, but there are those who would rather be a type I…and using insulin. Interesting idea.

Thanks Cathy for the thought. I used to think that T1’s had it easier. Just take insulin or wear a pump, eat what you want and GO!
I have since become friends with persons with a pump or are T1. I now know better.
Me, a T2 have it better in some ways. If I can, with diet, exercise and alot of determination, I could possibly get off insulin [Lantus only for now] and reduce some of my pills. T1’s are on insulin till death due they part.

We need to work together as a community to support each other and strive towards a cure in the future.
I LOVE and am thankful for TuDiabetes!!!

I am with you on that score, thank goodness for TuD…so many questions, fears, etc have been answered here.
AND we do have to work as a community to get the word out, first, and then to help others face something that until now has been a very scarey word for people, like hearing a death sentence from their doc. I agree we (t 2’s) have it a little easier in that we can do something to help ourselves out and possibly off this rocking ship. But even in that as you said, too, with A LOT OF DETERMINATION, and sometimes we need a boost in that determination…it wanes after time.

Glad to meet you and hope to get to know you better.