LOOPERS: Anyone using Orangelink?

I’m looping and currently using the original Rileylink with one more as a backup.

The manufacturer has just released a new version called Orange Link: https://getrileylink.org/product/orangelink .

Anyone using it?

As best I can tell, the only reason I can see to switch would be:

  1. Better range. You don’t always have to keep it right there with you
  2. uses common AAA batteries that last anywhere from 2 weeks alkaline to 5-6 weeks lithium
  3. Smaller form factor that can use an airpod 1/2 case

But is this worth $150 when I’m still rocking the original Rileylink and haven’t needed to use my backup yet?

A need, no, a want…maybe.

Anything I’m missing here?

I’ve read favorable mention of this product on the Looped FB group. I have two RileyLinks that run and charge simultaneously and expands my coverage at home. I’ll likely upgrade when the RLs start to fail – but they’ve been running well for years now.

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I got my OrangeLink a week ago. RileyLink is now my backup. I cannot think of any downside other than cost. I felt stupid not having a backup. Now I have one.

Let us know guys how it goes. Especially which batteries you use and how long they last.

Thinking about selling my backup which was put together and charged maybe twice. What do you think would be a fair price? Paid $150 for it initially.

Ordered one myself, should be here in a few days. I had lost the screw in my original RileyLink, and I’ve found myself having to turn it off and on in the last few months to reset BT connectivity. Figured worst case scenario the orange one is easier to turn on and off and I’ll have a backup :grinning:

Does Loop automatically switch to the nearest RL in your home as you move around? No human intervention is needed? So you don’t need to carry your RL around with you? I have two RLs but have not used my backup yet, but this is a great idea to ensure they are both working.

Same question!!

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I guess it is easy enough to test! I’ll have to charge up my backup RL first!

Yes, Loop automatically switches to the RL it likes best. The BlueTooth environment is downright promiscuous! Both of my RL names appear on the BlueTooth list on my iPhone.


I got my Orange a couple weeks ago, and its been great. Much more stable than my rileylink (I’d have to reboot it once or twice a week- no biggie, but a pain).

I’m not convinced the Bluetooth range is any better than the rileylink, but the Orange lets you know (by buzzing) when it looses link, so maybe I’m just paying more attention to it. Not a downside; just might not be better than original.

I’m still on my original batteries at 11 days- I use AC/Delco cheapies from Amazon.

I have used RileyLink, EmmaLink, OrangeLink.

I like OrangeLink best because it uses commercial batteries (I use Duracell Alkaline Coppertop and get a month out of a set) and because it seems to have the best range out of all of them.

Sometimes I forget my OL in the bedroom in the morning. It works all day, no matter if I am in the living room, or upstairs. For me, it works through the whole house. The days of having to make sure my Riley is on the correct side of my body to reach the Pod while I am sleeping are over.

I still have an Ema and a Riley as a backup, but I have given my three “spare” Riley Links away to families with kids who needed them but couldn’t afford them.

The most important thing I have found is to use normal Alkaline batteries. Not rechargeable or Lithium or other special ones.