Who here is still looping?

Just wondering who here is still using LOOP ?
Which version/branch are you on and why?

I personally love looping and plan on doing it for quite some time. I recently purchased a use Macbook Air for $300 and re-programmed my loop. I pesonally chose Autobolus because I couldn’t get freeaps to work plus it is going unsupported. I haven’t turned on the Autobolus feature yet though.

I also recently bought the Orangelink and love it! So much better range than the RileyLink and I love that it takes AAA batteries and doesn’t need a nightly charge.

I thought I read somewhere on facebook that the G7 is supposed to work as is with loop, but I could be wrong. Anyone know anything about that?

(I read the boards while at work but don’t have access to facebook at work, so I can’t copy/paste).

Hi, Brad. I’m still looping and would really miss it if for some reason I had to stop.

I use Loop with a MiniMed 722 pump. I’ve only ever used the master branch and have not experimented with the auto bolus branch or any custom tweaks. I’ve enjoyed success with the master branch and that success has tamped down any interest to experiment with other branches.

I’ve also read that the Dexcom G7 will be compatible with Loop but I don’t think that can actually be known before Dexcom ships the G7 and Loop developers have a chance to integrate it into Loop.

It’s nice to see that there’s a good alternative to the RileyLink. I’ve been reasonably satisfied with my RL performance but do notice regular, but not extended, drop-outs. I’ll stick with my RLs for the time being but great to know a better system is available.

I’ve been on this system for 4.5 years now and am very happy with it. It’s not perfect and I do need to pay attention every day so I can keep it happy.

When I read discussions on the current commercial closed-loop hybrid systems, I am grateful that I can choose a glucose target that works for me. My target is much lower than what Medtronic or Tandem permit. I also have direct access and control of a wide array of settings including insulin basal rates and insulin sensitivity factors as well as protective settings like maximum bolus and max temporary basal rate.

It’s my longer-term plan to jump over to a commercial offering as I get older. At this time, however, the performance gap between DIY and commercial is too wide for me. I’m sure I could make one of those commercial systems work well but I don’t think either of the two could enable performance similar to what I already enjoy.

I think the DIY systems demand a good working knowledge of insulin action and management whereas it appears to me that the commercial products are aiming for a market that values more of a “set-it-and-forget-it” performance.


I’ve been using Loop since July '19 (Omnipod/Dex) and have no plans on stopping. I’ve only used the Master branch, although I’ve thought about using AB, but just haven’t tried yet.

Depending on the features and/or restrictions for Omnipod 5 or the Tidepool Loop, I may stick with the DIY when they’re released, at least for a bit.