Okra for reducing blood sugars

Found this link on my facebook page. Thought I would try it and see if it works. As the article states, it will not cure diabetes but anything to lower my blood sugars would sure be a help.

Oh God, please do NOT make okra be the cure.

That is just wrong. They didn't prepare it properly. You must cut open the okra so that the slimy green insides leech out into the water. Then when you go to drink the disgusting concoction that has sat overnight you get so sick you can't eat all day. And voila, your blood sugars drop like a rock.

They just didn't do it right.

Being a Sothern boy I have consumed magnum portions of fried okra, boiled okra, and freeze dried like potato chips...nope it does not lower my BG.

There is no food that can actually lower blood sugar. That’s not how food works. Even vegetables. Our bodies convert food to energy. And by energy, I mean glucose. The only things that can lower blood glucose are physical activity and medication.

"does possess some anti-diabetic properties" sounds like we should not consume it from that statement

And less carbs (e.g., glucose) provided your liver is calm! This is why a low carb diet is helpful.

Certainly okra is a healthy vegetable to eat. I like it cooked in coconut cream. Boiled whole and eaten cold with a salad or dipped in fish paste is also delicious (to me).
It is low carb so it won't have too much impact on blood sugar.
However, it won't cure diabetes. Particularly allow one to go from shots to no meds at all (unless maybe one eats okra and nothing else at all)....

thank you for your sharing your experience. for years I read about some miracles but all are some strange ufo

i agree no food, some herbs do, but when acting, not for all the time. I read that lack of some minerals may cause high pressure, so maybe supply of these minerals in food may help

Well, technically there are foods that can drop you blood sugar, but the effect is generally mild and transient. For instance bitter melon may lower your blood sugar. Studies have shown varied long-term results but the blood sugar lowering effects have been recognized for some time by modern science. I tried bitter melon extract and it had a temporary effect but in the long-term was useless. I'll stick with insulin.

thank you

Full disclosure: I like okra very much. Gumbo, etc.

However, it won't lower blood sugar and the article doesn't say that it will. What it does say is that it can slow down a rise in blood sugar that's going to happen anyway. A slower rise is not a lowering. It doesn't do that. And in any case it doesn't affect the liver, the pancreas, or insulin function or sensitivity. Those things might lower blood sugar, but okra doesn't do any of them.

And for some reason I didn't realize someone had written a book, Diabetes for Dummies. I should have known, I suppose. :-)

Actually a slower rise can lead to a lowering of average blood sugar. Many T2s still have insulin production but they have a poor phase I response. A slower blood sugar rise can be better handled by the sluggish phase II response. This is the reason behind the "complex carbs are better" argument. Unfortunately once you get to point where I am with a poor pooped out pancreas a carb is a carb and a slow rise doesn't matter.

True, and true. I didn't state my point very well. I was just arguing that a "slower rise" isn't a "lowering". But if you're talking about average BG, e.g., an A1c reading, then yes, that could be the net effect.

But as mentioned, the effect is slight, and in any case when you reach our stage it's a moot point.

So, why am I still a diabetic? So all those years of eating okra, green beans, butter beans, black eye peas, tomatoes, collards, mustard greens, spinach, asparagus (YUCK), rutabagas, corn on the cobb, sweet potatoes and all the other Southern prepared foods is proof that none of it has worked me. OK, I am hungry now! Oh! don't forget a skillet of corn bread.

you missed the cinnamon

Don't forget the roast garlic mayonnaise, asparagus is delicious dipped in this delicacy.
Am just about to have breakfast so will leave getting some asparagus until lunch time.

No food lowers blood sugar that I know of. However carbs are the only macronutrient that increases them. So eat low carb, less than 50g per day, and cure your diabetes.

Your joking about carbs being the only food source that will increase BG...???
Try a 16oz rib-eye steak and see what happens to your BG for the next 8-12 hrs.