Losing weight takes patience

Hi all, it is Tuesday the 11th and my weigh in day. I lost 1 lb this week for a total now of 24 lbs since January.

I’m trying to have patience with myself during this process. Sometimes it is hard tho. I see what I’ve accomplished but then I see how much farther I have to go and it is almost overwhelming at times. What is helping some is, for each pound I have lost I add a colored paperclip to a chain I started with my first weight loss. It gives me a visual of the total pounds lost…so I have 24 multicolored paperclips hanging in a chain form…when I look at that it seems like wow, every pound makes a difference, because I can see it all adds up.

Hope you all are having good weeks and doing well with your eating and weight loss. If you have any other ideas or ways to deal with the long journey of lossing weight I would love to hear them. Have a great week! :0) Anna