I'm still thinkin about you DAILY!


I really do think about you. I wish you well. I send a thought of peace and control over what you eat and actively do. I wish you health for each day (as a Today only type day.) I do it every day.
I know we look at those scales that seem to never move in the right direction… and wish the darn thing would just break down and give up a few ounces.
Then, suddenly, it does! Amazing! A half pound disappears… and then shows up again 3 days later.UGH!!!
The next step is saying to yourself… "What did I do different? Can
I repeat it? Can I make that sclae go back down a half pound?"
YES!!! You Can!!!
It might take some time… but it can and undoubtedly will as you keep going each day and "REMEMBER THAT NUMBER!!!"
Ever so slowly that “NUMBER” will show up more often… until one day it stays there and then more days go by with that “LOWER NUMBER” still showing.
At that point it is time to work to the next lower number.
After all, we’re only doing this one day/one number at a time.
Sending you my peace and hope for health and control over this day.


Thanks Meadowlark! I am back at it and your words are so encouraging!


I exercised 9 days out of this month, I’m trying to do better and exercise every day… Thanks for your encouragment of wisdom! :} :} :}