Lost My FlexPen - Overnight Shipping?

Looks like I’ve lost my Novolog FlexPen traveling for work. I have an extra pen at home that my wife could overnight ship to me. Can anyone advise what kind of precautions need to be taken to ensure that the insulin doesn’t freeze/overeat en route. Has anyone shipped a pen overnight from person-to-person? Or do FedEx/UPS stations have insulation materials that would do the trick?


I somewhat depends on where you are, but an easier (and perhaps cheaper) thing to do would be to simply go down to Walmart and get a vial of Regular insulin and some syringes. But if you must overnight you should probably pack it in a box with a cold pack.and insulination, bubble pack can do in a pinch.

ps. You may also be able to talk into a regular pharmacy and ask for their help, they are authorized to provide emergency prescriptions and could with approval from insurance do that.

My backup plan is USPS express mail… just a few individual pens in a small box with some padding to prevent breaking. I guess I just have to assume that they’re not going to spend too much time in uncontrolled climate if they’re shipping cross country overnight… there’s not a lot of time built into that schedule to leave them sitting outside anywhere

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Hey J. Did you get it in time? What did you do? I lost my meter a week ago and was completely frantic. How fast the world changes when you don’t have your supplies. Hope you found something that worked. :blush:

Sorry, just can’t help myself, but there’s nothing I love better than a good ironic typo…


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I didn’t even notice that! Since I moved to Vermont, I have been craving Mexican food. So I was particularly distraught that I was in San Antonio with no bolus insulin. I was probably daydreaming about tacos as I was typing.

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I was able to get my endo to call in a script for one vial of Novolog to a nearby chain pharmacy. Apparently, my insurance will cover one lost medication prescription per year. So I only had to go without for two days. I still had basal and just ate extremely low carb and had great numbers.