Lots of questions

I feel like I’m posting so much on this forum, but I have many questions. FIrst, I’m Type II. My doctor has led me to believe, or rather kind of hinted, that weight loss can equal the diabetes disappearing. Is this true?

Also…how often do folks generally see an ophthalmologist/podiatrist. How about endocrinologists? Does anyone have any idea about how long diabetes related complications take to manifest? I think I was in denial a bit when I was first diagnosed. Now I seem to have thawed out a little bit and I’m pretty scared. And also, I seem to be kind of angry at myself because I know that my diabetes in weight induced. True, my family has a history of both diabetes AND hypoglycemia…but I know this is largely due to weight.

Also…in terms of food…obviously low fat = higher carbs. But I’m also concerned with fat. I just need lots and lots of input. I’ve made a commitment to stay away from carbs, especially simple carbs. I suppose i just need some more directions and input.

Thanks so much.

Yes weight loss can help control the diabetes. I see an opthamologist once a year, podiatrist as needed. My GP takes care of my diabetes. he does a pretty good job of it. If you want to eat carbs complex carbs are better.

I now believe firmly that both overweight and diabetes2 are symptoms of hormonal imbalance, not cause and effect.
Diabetes 2 is a result of too much insulin production, leading to insensitivity to it.
I’m overweight too and having read Gary Taubes, I now guess I know why losing is so hard. In my own case, I blame a) genes and b) the record high fevers i had with osteomyelitis, which went undiagnosed for a week when I was 12. I survived a temperature of 107 degrees. I have had other problems in my life which could be a result of this and the Streptomycin used to save my life. I have very damaged fallopian tubes and had to adopt my only child. I also had thyroid trouble in my late 20s, which doubled my weight from a normal 145 pounds (I’m 5 feet 8) to about 300pounds in 18 months. I never managed to get below 190pounds again. I’m trying now non low carbs.
As to complications. they usually creep up slowly and since diagnosis often comes several years inot the disease, can start before you know you are diabetic. It’s not unknown for the diagnosis to come as a result of a routine eye check for glasses…
Diagnosis acan be scary at first, but knowledge is power and peace of mind. Get and read Dr. Bernstein’s and Gary Taubes’s books.Both will help you to get organised and that’s what it takes. I take the low carb/ low doses of medication route.You might choose another path. Fats are less of a problem than the ESTABLISHMENT would like us to think. Get the books and the knowledge.
I see the eye clinic twice yearly and good sugar controll keeps my eyes stable. My next appointment is after a 9 month interval. Podiatrists I see when I need to(I’m prone to ingrowing townails), but the nerves and circulation are checked annually

I have found that my weight loss has helped. I was 251 a year ago and am now 174. All my numbers are down.
I see my GP every six months now and my eye doctor once a year. I had a retina scan and it was negative. I follow Dr. Bernstein’s program and I think that is the way I must go to keep my diabetes in check. Remember, each of us is different and diffent things will work.