Love the Great Outdoors? Introduce yourself!

For diabetics that like to hike, camp, boat or do anything outside! The goal is to create a forum for tips on dealing with diabetes and the outdoors.

Hi everyone - just joined Tudiabetes, and saw your group. I’m planning a ‘dream-trip’ to Yellowstone-Badlands-Glacier parks; camping and day hikes with my load of camera gear (and my pump!!) Looking forward to hearing your tips and experiences. NancyR

l right at home with this group. I camp about 20weekends out of the year and love to share all my advice and stories.

well . . . about to leave on a trip to laughlin. i’m participating in the laughlin “regatta;” a 4-5 hour river float trip on rafts from bullhead city to laughlin. i wear a pump (for only about 3 months now), and i’m having a little anxiety on how i’m going to handle the river float. it’s going to be 110 during the day, so i’m not sure how that will affect it’s performance. it’s the animas ping, so it’s waterproof; but i’m thinking of not wearing it and instead just bringing a novolg pen with me to use during the day. any thoughts on this one?

Gayle, are you planning on the boat going over during non planned getting wet times? If not I would wear the pump and get a couple of dry bags to keep your supplies dry and pack an extra supply bag to keep in another boat. A Danny pack works great to wear getting in and out of the boat and it can be easily clipped onto the boat. Don’t be scared just prepare and you will be great

hello, love this group! manchester, NH who wants to go kayakin!