Hey all…
Im not sure how to blog all that much, but I guess I’ll take a crack at it.
So tomorrow is my birthday, yay!
It will be my second birthday with diabetes,
first year with my pump, Jelly, and second year of diabetes camp.
Im super excited for my camp, it is extraordinary!
Last year on my birthday I was taking Humalog shots, which was okay,
But now I can’t honestly imagine life without my pump, taking shots again!
During my camp, one day we go whitewater rafting in the Upper&Lower New River (West Virginia) and this year my doctor just added a camp out overnight on the Lower New River banks…
The only problem with that is that last year during the rafting, they had other campers take off their pumps for the day and take shots.
So this year, it will probably be two days without my pump!
It might not seem like a big deal, but to me it is.
You guys should have seen me give myself my first insulin injection on my own. It was terrible! :slight_smile:

So…I dont know if thats what you do with a blog…but oh well! :slight_smile:


Hey Carly, Welcome to blogging you did well. Its what ever you wanna say. Or write. Its kinda like venting out your feelings or whats on your mind. Like free writing time in school. I really wish you lots of fun at camp. And I love your be strong attidude. And your smilelys and peace signs. How did you do that. Maybe you can tell me?Take Care. And you ROCK! PEACE OUT TILL NEXT TIME.diabeticidol94