LOVE the new G4 for my swimmers!

So my DD10 T1 finally got her new dexG4 (we had a 7), and we LOVE it! She swims competitively, and the new sensor can actually pick her up when she is doing laps! Her coach keeps it during practice and meets. I am not claiming that it gets her every 5 minutes, but it is able to pull a number about every 20 or so, enough to keep us informed. Also this weekend at a meet she was lined up at the blocks, and her coach and i were at the opposite end of the 50 meter pool, and the dex buzzed to let us know she was going high. I am so excited, this is a fabulous new too for all you athletes out there. My other t1DD12 gets her new G4 in 2 more weeks. So excited! Just thought i would share!

Can you share what you're using to get the sensor to stick? We've struggled with the stickiness issues more than anything, especially with a lot of swimming. Just curious if you use anything special!

Congratulations. That is really good news for you and your daughter. I too love the system but I have found that the only place the sensor can be if I am swimming is on my arm. I have tried stomach, thigh and other locations but never get any signal unless it is on my arm. I swim laps for exercise and routinely do 2000 yards at a time.

Skintac under, then i cut a hole in the middle of reliamed IV site dressing (the thin clear sheets) and use that to cover the adhesive part. If we trim and add a new sheet we can get 2 weeks out of an insertion. If we are using an arm, we also add an arm sleeve (like what you get to cover an omnipod). Good Luck!

My daughter uses her bum, when she is doing free it seems to pick her up.

Glad to find this. I have a swimmer too, only we started Dexcom during a hiatus and now we're back, I'm afraid to lose the use of the sensor before it's time, they are so expensive! Anyway,aliceclones, thanks for tips on ReliaMed IV and Skintac.

Also, can you clarify the part about the new sheet on top? Is a second layer of IV tape on top of the first layer of IV tape (already on top of Dexcom adhesive patch), maybe this is a sacrificial layer so it can waterlog, and the one under it stays drier? You're peeling this top one off after each swim? OR -- did you mean you just wait for that extra layer to get old and peel, add a new one in a few days?

Sorry I wasn’t very clear! So as soon as we do the insertion I put on the first sheet of IV dressing. Then after about a week it starts to peel up, so then I carefully trim away the peeled edges (I will admit I knicked my DD once), then apply a new sheet over the top. You can’t peel off the old one or it will pull the entire insertion off with it. Hope this works for you! We had a LOT of trial and error with products before we landed on a system that worked for us! The key is to make sure all the edges of the insertion adhesive are covered.