Love yourself... And it doesn't matter (that much) if you've got Diabetes! ;-)

Inspired by the book title “love yourself and it doen’t matter who you marry” I just thought:

Well, if I accept myself as a person and apreciate my body as it is, maybe my diabetes won’t be the most important thing in the world anymore. But it is important to do good self-care, because I’m worth it. It’s like having motivation from inside, without making a big deal out of it. I hope that’s where I’m going to…

I know that might sound like ■■■■■■■■ if you’re having a very rough time at the moment, and it took me years to come to this point. If I’d ask myself some years ago I’d think I’m stupid: “I’m suffering, can’t you see?”

But I am tired of suffering now.

That doesn’t mean I can’t understand those who still are… And it also doesn’t mean there won’t be drawbacks again and again. But I think I’m starting a breakthrough now :wink:

I’m just living my life, doing what I like, and diabetes doesn’t affect me that much anymore because I’m taking care!
That vision feels great… :wink:

Love, Astrid.

P.S.: I’ve also started a blog in German: