Need a little love

I've been very easy on myself lately. I get this way when I get fed up with being so strict, that I lose some control. I have lost some weight and my sugar has been excellent but then I go on a binge(I think that would be the only way to describe it). It is so frustrating because I think that I FINALLY have things under control and I lose all of it! I know I need to be consistent but I just can't seem to do it. How do people stay motivated all the time?!

Wish I could be of some help; but I am having the same issues as you. To me this is the hardest part of being diabetic is keeping our eating habits under control.

Maybe in time we will figure it out. Wish you the best.

If you have a light bulb moment please share.
This too shall pass...

your title of your post says it all, need a little love, self love that is! be kind to yourself, i am a very beginner meditator and i love the line start over, it your mind goes off track, or your stomach!, set it aside and start over, as a mom of a type 1 with all of other life stressors i have been feeling a little drawn down to, negatively abounds at times and it is hard to not get sucked in, i called in sick from work today and am trying to reset and stop being so reactive to things, i am a yoga instructor as well and feel like a hypocrite when i can not handle my stress, we are all on our own paths, one day at a time, my advise is to be kinder, set the past aside and live in the moment one healthy choice at a time, leave the judgement behind ( also do you exercise a great way to balance the days when you can't say no to the chocolate!) hang in there, wishing you well amy

My husband has been a type 1 for 35 years. He didn't take care of himself and didn't really know how to growing up. This past year he lost one of his eyes due to poor control. It was probably the worst month of his entire life having to endure the worst pain of his life in that eye before he could have it removed. It's hard to imagine the side effects of poorly controlled diabetes unless something like this has happened. Since then, we have finally discovered the TAG system of counting carbs and his blood sugars are pretty much always stable. He also tries to eat as few carbs as possible. I have made TONS of things that he really enjoys eating, even some "sweet" things. There are tons of blogs where you can find low carb, yummy things that will keep you from feeling deprived. It just takes a little more work than grabbing a bag of chips from the grocery store shelf. I think the work is worth having to go through that kind of pain and loss. Hope this helps!

Reality is a great motivator. Jeri has explained the concept well. Long story short; before Oct of 2011 my last doctor visit was in 1992 for a broken wrist. I had no insurance and just didn't get sick. So why go? By the time I did go and was diagnosed as T1 I had developed Retinopathy and PN. In the past year I have spent thousands of dollars and undergone several injections and laser surgeries to save my sight. My vision is no where near what it used to be, but I can see. My PN has improved. I can tie my shoes again, but my hands and feet are still numb. I hope that things will continue to improve if I keep my A1c in the close to normal range. I have been / am living where we all are going if we do not manage our disease. Believe me, you do not want this first hand knowledge.

That being said, I truly understand. If I had been diagnosed before these complications had taken hold, would I have been as motivated? My guess is probably not. They would have seemed abstract and "somewhere down the road". There are many different types of diabetes with different methods of treatment. They ALL end up with the same results if they are not well managed. I want to be more than just alive. I want to see, walk, feel my wife hold my hand. I want to get back what I have already lost. I don't want to loose more. Especially if these things are in my control to accomplish.

That is what motivates me.

Thank you so much for all the responses. @Jacob's mom I will def take one day at a time. And I hope you feel much better. I think you are an amazing mother. I do exercise. I've been adding more exercise slowly as well. I want to lose some more weight and improve my control. @Jen and @Randy. Both you stories really resonates with me. I have a big fear of losing a body part or sensations. I am sorry for what you have been through and I will learn from your experiences. My grandmother was a diabetic and she lost both her legs. I try and incorporate exercise to strengthen my muscles and circulation. Staying motivated is the hardest part. Sharing your stories has really helped me. Keep strong and keep well!