Loving a Type 1 Diabetic

One of the reasons I joined this website was because I love a Type 1 diabetic with all my heart and was hoping to meet others who also love a Type 1 diabetic. I was wondering if anyone out there understands how scary it is to find your special person on the floor having a diabetic seizure and helping them through it. I was also wondering if anyone in this TuDiabetes family understands what it is like to hear an odd noise in the house and rush to make sure their loved one isn't having a seizure.

I want to make it clear that I am not starting this discussion to make any Type 1 diabetics feel bad. I know that no one is perfect and I think it would be very hard to make sure you give yourself the right about of insulin all the time.

I am starting this discussion to see how other people deal with the constant worry about the Type 1 diabetic in your life. I honestly haven't figured out how not to worry so much. My heart stops every time I hear an odd bang or when my boyfriend, the Type 1 diabetic in my life, is late and I'm not sure why. I try not to act like his mother but at the same time I worry about that one time he has a seizure and I am not there to help.

Please share your stores, give me some advice or just let me know I'm not alone in feeling this way. Thank you very much for your time.

So I'm guessing not may people reply to their post so quickly but right after I wrote this note I found group for people who are married to diabetics. I guess this just shows everyone how new I am to this family. lol I would still love to hear your comments and experiences.

Lol, welcome to our family! Yeah, we can be slow to respond at times…

I am in love with a *very* handsome T1 person...

You are not alone. I felt scared, worried about my Mom. She was Type 1 and lived alone. So.....I would call all the time and check on her. It is only natural to worry. My Mom passed away in 2004 and that year before her death I was by her side almost every day. I wouldn't change a thing....I know she appreciated my worry....concern.
I know that some people I have in my life worry about me and thank goodness I have them now, I am not alone with this disease (like many years prior) and feel safe that I have that support. Loving someone like you do is what life is about...even if they don't have Diabetes. It is loving someone no matter what they have to live with, it is what we all need and deserve.

Sorry Starlight, but I am the Type 1 my boyfriend worries about. He worries less now that I have a continuous glucose monitor.

I see your profile picture is a dog, so you must be a dog lover. Do you know about Dogs4Diabetics? I talked to them at a booth once, and I guess if a dog fails the test for being an assistance dog, they will train them to recognize low blood sugars. Aparently we smell different, or somehting, adn it is easy to train them.

Good luck, and thanks for loving a type 1 diabetic! We can be a handful.

AR, I know everyone should love themselves, but I'm guessing your wife wrote that! :)))

We worry, worry, worry. I got my son all the technology (pump / cgms) to help with that. Then there's; you think it you would handle things differently, food choices, not checking his cgm often, even when it just takes a second to look. We were at Disneyland today and I asked him what it looked like about 3 times every hour. He had an awesome day, got to snack all day long and had great blood sugars.

I'm the T1 in our family. My husband worries constantly! You're not alone. His fretting is at the top of my list of hating diabetes. In many ways, diabetes is harder on the people who love us. They often feel helpless. My husband saved my life when I was DKA & thought I had a bad flu. He saw me dying. He'll never get over that trauma & I understand. At the same time, though, I also get very annoyed at being treated like a sick person.

Well, you know your post got me thinking. Around here, you are thought of not as a spouse or partner, but as someone with type 3 diabetes. Someone with type 3 diabetes is the parents, husbands, wives, significant others and family and friends of people with diabetes. When you have type 3 diabetes you may also have to deal with a lot of the stuff that type 1s and 2s deal with. And fear of hypos is right there staring many of us in the face. While you will certiainly find others in your particular situation, you may also find that the things you want to discuss, your fears of hypos and worries over complications (etc) are shared by many of us. There are certainly some groups focused on exactly the people you have identified. If you look under groups, you will find a group for Type 3 Diabetics which was actually started our founders wife Andreina Davila. And there is also a group for Married with Diabetes. And while you might not see the immediate connection, any parent of a child with T1 shares your concerns.

So, I'd like to welcome as one of us. Look around, ask questions, and please feel like you are part of the community, not just the partner of someone who has diabetes.

I'm the type 1 in the relationship, and while my boyfriend tries to mask it sometimes, I can tell that he worries. It's the little things he says or does that lets me know he thinks about my diabetes just about as often as I do!

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My husband is the one married to a Type 1 and he worries all the time bless his heart. Like Gerri my husband caught me when I went DKA and took me to the hospital a few times. He also catches me when I go low and tells me to check my bs b/c I'm low. That tends to make me upset with him and I fall lower as I fuss with him about checking it. To which he will grap my bs machine and check it himself. Then make me eat. Your one he will rely upon I know I do my husband. Stay strong!!!